BGAN Explorer 727

The BGAN EXPLORER 727 is a mobile satellite broadband vehicular system that provides voice and data access, no matter where you are on the planet. Just mount the EXPLORER 727's robust antenna on the roof of your vehicle and wherever you are in the world, you'll always be in the right place for an automatic broadband satellite connection.


Robust, Rapid, Reliable
The EXPLORER 727 is a revolution in mobile communications, turning your vehicle into a mobile communications hub. Parked or moving. Just switch on and you're ready to go: it really is as simple as that. Whether you're engaged in field service, remote sales, telemedicine, video conferencing or live interviews, you'll be free to focus your attention on the job.

Stay Connected
• Rapid response
• Provide access to phone and Internet from vehicle
• Moving communication hub, can be relocated to where it is required
• Easy to use
• Multiple applications possible