Fleet One affordable internet at sea option

Internet at Sea - The iFleet One  

An Affordable Marine Satellite Solution

With the iFleet One Service, it has never been more affordable for small vessel owners to access the internet at sea.  Stay connected to the people you care about the most without missing a beat. 

You can browse the internet, send and receive emails, transfer files, access weather information and simultaneously make phones calls to anywhere, from anywhere in the world via high speed satellite. 

Leisure, fishing boats , workboat and tugs can now access the internet at sea with services that up until now were only reserved for much larger vessels

This marine solution makes use of the world’s most advanced and dependable world-wide broadband satellite network; the same network which is used by the professional maritime industry today.

Perfect for leisure yachts and fishing boats, Fleet One is a service designed to deliver voice and broadband data to smaller vessels.

Inmarsat Maritime President, Frank Coles said; “We have all become accustomed to having access to information as and when we need it. When we can’t, it’s frustrating! Being on the ocean is a unique experience and conditions can change at the drop of a hat. This shouldn’t hamper your ability to get connnected with internet at sea"


This terminal also supports Inmarsat’s unique ‘505’ safety service, which in an emergency routes you directly to a MRCC. This means that in one phone call you can alert the safety services of your position and nature of distress, by speaking to Search and Rescue knowing that help is on the way.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simultaneous voice and broadband satellite data up to 100kbps
  • Compact, low-cost antenna
  • Extremely low cost airtime pricing
  • 505 Emergency Calling
  • Connect your smart devices via Wi-Fi (phones and tablets)
  • Global coverage, operates down to 5 degrees antenna elevation
  • Easy installation

Fleet One Coverage Map (green area)


 For more information about Inmarsat and the Fleet One