Marine Satellite Services - Fleetbroadband


Satellite Communications on the water doesn't get any better than this.  Fleetbroadband by ISS is the planets first marine satellite services system to simultaneously provide voice and high speed data service to any body of water around the globe.   Stay in touch with family, friends and/or engage in commerce while at sea by accessing our satellite internet and voice services via the Inmarsat Services network of I4 Satellites. 


Standard IP (broadband data) up to 432kbps over a shared pipe.  Send and receive email, browse the internet and/or upload large and small files. 

Streaming IP - Guaranteed bandwidth up to 256kbps

Voice - Capability to make a phone call while checking email or browsing the internet.

ISDN - Supported at 64kbps for legacy applications

SMS Text - Ability to send and receive texts via your terminal handset.

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