Portable Satellite Internet and
Voice Solution

How to Get Online in the Middle of Nowhere

woman using bgan portable satellite internet in remote area

Chances are if you've come to this website you need a solution to get online in a remote area where cellular and 3G Networks may not be available?!

Or perhaps you are looking for a back-up communications device in the event of an emergency should local networks go down?

Whatever your reason, if it's critical for you to stay connected with important people in your life and local phone and internet aren't accessible, BGAN Satellite is the only portable high speed internet and voice technology available on earth.

Here's What You Get

  • High Speed Satellite Internet and Voice Access - Stay Connected to Friends, Family and Business Off the Grid
  • Extremely Portable - BGAN Fits in Standard Laptop Case for Quick Set Up and Take Down
  • User Friendly - So Simple even Children use BGAN for Remote Learning
Global Coverage - Send/Receive Emails, Browse the Web and Check Facebook in 99% of Locations around the Planet

BGAN is extremely easy to set up.  Your laptop can be connected to the BGAN terminal using either an Ethernet or USB cable. Depending on the model of BGAN equipment, Wifi access is also an option.

BGAN Launchpad is a free software application that can beBGAN Launchpad Display installed on your laptop. The purpose of this software interface is to provide satellite pointing information, registering with the Satellite network and establishing a connection to the Internet.

Launchpad also provides numerous other features such as signal strength, terminal configuration, system usage, SMS texting screen, and session usage.

Watch How the Red Cross Uses BGAN in Haiti



For more information about Inmarsat and  internet via satellite. BGAN Satellite Works via Geosynchronis Satellite Network