Fleetbroadband Sailor 150

The Fleetbroadband Sailor 150 high speed Satellite Internet and Voice System features the smallest, lightest marine tracking antenna to date, which enables simplicity with user-installation. Smaller professional vessels and larger yachts with a requirement for reliable, high quality global internet and voice communication can enter the broadband era with a true IP solution for the first time.

With the combination of simultaneous high speed satellite broadband data and voice capability, the Fleetbroadband 150 is perfect for small to medium sized vessles to browse the internet, send/receive email and make/receive satellite voice calls anywhere in the world.


A perfect fit for:

Small leisure boats

Stay in touch - browse the internet high speed, send/receive emails, upload/download small files

Weather reports - stay ahead of potential bad weather in real time.

Access voice and high-speed data globally - reliable, real-time information, wherever you sail

Save time - call or email port authorities, book a restaurant, order supplies, or book repairs and maintenance prior to arriving at port

Keep in contact with your office - access your company intranet, email securely.  This system allows you to have a virtual office on the deck of your vessel.