MSAT G2 Mobile Satellite Radio

Low Monthly Service Fee with Unlimited Talk Time

International Satellite Services introduces the MSAT-G2 Mobile Satellite Radio, for vehicular installations. This mobile satellite dispatch radio is aPolice car using the MSAT G2 Satellite Radio  n extremely reliable voice and data solution that operates anywhere in North America and the Northern portion of South America. Designed for use on the MSAT Network, the MSAT-G2 satellite radio supports continent-wide Push-to-Talk (PTT) Satellite Dispatch Radio and Circuit Switched Voice/Data communications.

As more and more terretrial land mobile based radio systems are nearing their end of life, the MSAT G2 is becoming a viable alternative for industries including Transportation, Mining and construction, Oil and gas, Forestry, Electrical utilities, Public safety and Military and Law enforcement.  

As you can see from the picture on the right, the antenna which is mounted via magnetic mounts on the outside of the vehicle as a direct line of site to the satellite is required.  The G2 is also available in Fixed (in building) and Marine (vessels) installations.

OverviewLigado Skyterra 1 MSAT G2

Powered by the Ligado Satellite Network,  MSAT Satellite Two-way Radio allows police, search and rescue teams, firefighters, work crews, off-road race vehicles and others to stay in touch and get the job done — virtually anywhere.The service covers North and Central America, northern South America, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and coastal waters.

MSAT Two-way Radio is a real-time, voice-based service that provides point-to-multi-point and point-to-point communication at the push of a button.The service is a cost effective alternative to installing, maintaining, and relocating land-based two-way radio communications systems.


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Key Benefits

  • Seamless Coverage
    Satellites act as one big radio tower for all of North America. Users don't have to worry about service interruptions associated with roaming because it is all one network.

  • Network flexibility
    MSAT radios can be interfaced with existingterrestrial fleet communications infrastructures.

  • Interoperability
    Talk groups can be configured to allow for interagency communications between local, regional, and national emergency response organizations.

  • Faster start-up time, reducedup-front costs
    Subscribers avoid having to develop, launch, and support their own private networks.

  • Coverage flexibility
    The coverage footprint also allows subscribers to expand or reduce dispatch radio coverage as their needs change.

  • Network reliability
    Satellite networks perform during emergencies when land-based communications are not available.

  • Secure communications
    The network employs the IMBE (Improved Multi-Band Excitation) voice codec approved by the Association of Public Safety Communications. Digital coding and scrambling prevents casual eavesdropping or monitoring of calls.
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