Handheld Satellite Phone Options

IridiumExtreme9575 resized 600

Iridium 9575 Extreme

Iridium Extreme brings a new force in communication, as the first phone to combine dedicated SOS features, location-aware services, and market leading toughness. It is built with the same reliable voice and data capability that users have come to trust from the only real mobile, real global satellite communications company in the world.  Iridium’s most compact handset to date, Iridium Extreme is enhanced with more features and unique accessories—giving people more ways to connect than ever before

Iridium 9555


Iridium 9555

Iridium Satellite has unveiled its smallest, most powerful satellite phone - the 9555.  The innovative, all-new design of the 9555 offers a significantly reduced size, a more hand-friendly form factor, an intuitive user interface, and new features such as an internally stowed antenna.  In addition to the features Iridium customers have come to expect from our trusted satellite phones, the Iridium 9555 also incorporates innovations such as an integrated speakerphone, improved SMS and email messaging capabilities, and an upgraded mini-USB data port.

Thuraya XT Satellite phone

Thuraya XT

Thuraya XT is the world’s toughest and smallest satellite phone. Certified with an IP54/IK03 durability rating, this phone is water resistant, dust and shockproof. The Thuraya XT phone features an advanced technology that combines the strength of the Thuraya satellites with the purpose designed handset antenna in order to provide full and consistent walk-and-talk capability.

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IsatPhone Pro (Inmarsat)

The IsatPhone Pro is an extremely compact, robust and lightweight satellite phone. It is ideal for business travellers and personal users who travel or work in areas where local networks are unreliable or non existent. This phone is supplied with an antenna, phone charger and cable, wired hands-free unit and slim battery pack.

iSatPhone Pro 2

IsatPhone 2 is a rugged and durable satellite phone for a tough world. The handset has been designed to deal with anything that nature throws at it – from extreme heat to sub-zero temperatures, sandstorms in the Sahara or heavy rains in the Amazon. 

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