high speed marine satellite system

Manufactured by Add Value, International Satellite Services brings the newest and most technologically advanced  high speed marine satellite system, The FleetBroadband Skipper 150, to small and mid-sized commercial marine, fishing and leisure vessels.

Based on the most powerful communications satellites ever launched, the Fleetbroadband SKIPPER 150 now makes perfect sense for the leisure mariner, fisherman, or a Captain and crew to make simultaneous calls while sending/receiving emails and files, browsing the internet and communicatating via text message in any body of water on the planet.  

Get the information you need to make your life and/or work easier, when you need it most. With amazingly fast data speeds, up to 150kbps, you can now receive full color weather images, navigational charts, maintenance information and browse the internet with ease. Send reports, regulatory and management information, requisitions or pictures while simultaneously receiving the latest news and sports updates, even phone calls.


Inmarsat Satellite Services operates the worlds most advanced fleet of commercial mobile communications spacecraft, flying in Geostationary orbit 22,240 miles above the earth. It includes the two latest generation satellites, the I4 which were launched in 2005. Together, they provide coverage to around 85 per cent of the worlds landmass and 98 per cent of the worlds population.

Key Benefits

SKIPPER 150 includes a handset with a large color LCD display and mobile phone type keys 'or text messaging. With the SKIPPER 150's additional RJ11 phone port ~ can connect a standard cordless phone so you will never miss an important call while on deck of your cabin.

For internet service you can simply connect the SKIPPER 150 to an onboard computer network of WiFi Access Point for wireless networking using the included RJ45 Ethernet connection. With MAC address filtering and user control of NAT and DHCP functions, the Skipper 150 offers both Single User and Multi-User Router modes.

You may also use the SKIPPER 15O's internal CPS receiver and NMEA 0183 output to provide accurate position information to onboard systems such as plotters and depth sounders.

Because the SKIPPER 150 users new, secure, IP-Based technologies, you are only charged for the kilobytes of data you send and receive, not for the time it takes. Unlike analog communications technology, the SKIPPER 150 employs modern digital communication technology that greatly enhances the privacy of your communications. Be it a voice call or messaging, so you can keep your business private and your fishing spots secret!

Indeed the SKIPPER 150 brings to the marine communications world unparalleled advantages in cost, performance, and ease of operations never been available. While at sea, the SKIPPER 150 will be your indispensable partner for all of your business or leisure communications needs, along with the comfort of knowing that you have the latest in GPS based emergency communications capabilities.