The Most Affordable Satellite Phone For Your Vehicle

TransportAntenna Magnetic medThe IsatDock DRIVE handsfree docking station provides a high quality semi-permanent vehicular installation for the IsatPhone Pro.

The IsatDock DRIVE comes with an externally mounted speaker and microphone, coupled with the in-built echo cancelling and full duplex technologies the IsatDock DRIVE provides superior voice quality for professional handsfree calling for vehicular applications.

The IsatDock DRIVE has an optional additional privacy handset than can be mounted, with the mounting arm, from the back of the dock to allow privacy calls.

The IsatDock DRIVE supports Tracking & Alert functionality via the dedicated in-built GPS engine.

Tracking messages can be pre configured using the USB data port connection, to support periodic reporting, manual position report update via button press, remote polling or the sending of an emergency alert message all via SMS or SMS to email.

Watch the iSatDock Drive in Action Below