ISS packet data service and the PDT100 offers an extremely cost effective GPS tracking solution for North and Central Americas including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.

The terminal has an interactive two-way messaging mode that allows real time messages to be sent by either the terminal or a host computer. It also supports Broadcast Messaging Mode which can be used to broadcast messages to all radios within pre-defined groups simultaneously. The PDT-100 exploits the many inherent advantages of geostationary satellite communications and creates a new exciting option for fleet management.


ISS packet data service and the PDT100 offers an extremely cost effective solution for North and Central Americas including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.

Services include:

  • Email
    Skymira’s Sat~Com(TM) software, installed on a PC, enables standard email software such as Outlook and Outlook Express to send and receive email, including attachments. The Sat~Com(TM) software provides an ‘always-on’ connection to the network so email downloads automatically

  • Crew Email
    Private email accounts can established and billed directly to a Visa or MasterCard

  • Sky~Forms(SM)
    Transform existing paper forms into electronic PDF forms so data is transmitted and accessible in real-time. Data can be displayed in PDF format and/or entered automatically into any ODBC database

    ISS's Sky~Forms service enables companies to transform their paper forms into electronic PDF forms. The forms can be viewed and downloaded via secure website or the data can be automatically entered into an ODBC database. The form data can be cost effectively transmitted via MSAT

  • GPS Fleet Tracking
    An optional service, the embedded GPS receiver enables companies to track location, speed and direction in real-time

    ISS's GPS Fleet Tracking enables companies to view the location speed and direction of their vehicles or vessels in real-time via a secure website or directly on their enterprise tracking software. GPS Fleet Tracking is available on MSat.

  • Environmental Data & SCADA
    The PDT100 combined with Skymira’s Data Modem provide real-time packet data communications

    ISS's Data Modem is a low power controller designed to provide real-time communications via MSat. Providing multiple digital and analog I/O's, it transmits data from a serial port via the communications platform to a central Internet accessible server. It is designed for long periods of autonomous operation and compatible with most data loggers and sensors.

  • Voice
    Dial-up telephone and dispatch radio services are also available on MSAT via the SpaceCom antenna. Flat fee - unlimited talk-time plans are available for Satellite Dispatch Radio

Key Benefits

  • All-in-one packaging
  • L-band satellite technology
  • Coverage includes all of North & Central America, extending 250 miles off the coast
  • Built-in GPS
  • Lightweight: less than 3 lbs
  • Discrete inputs and outputs for monitoring applications
  • No moving parts for maximum reliability
  • RS-232 connection to optional DTE
  • GSM industry standard API supports existing applications and DTEs
  • Affordable Packet Data Solution

Details / Specs


Manufacturer EMS SATCOM
Name PDT-100

Phyical Characteristics

Weight NA



Data Capabilities

Standard NA