Satellite Push-to-Talk Overview

To direct and redirect your fleet-reliably- Dispatch Radio Service offers two-way voice dispatch or one-way voice broadcast service. It's a cost-efficient alternative to installing, maintaining, and relocating land-based radio communications systems.

Not only can you implement the service almost overnight, you don't have to build and maintain your own private network, which minimizes capital costs and eliminates network support costs altogether.

Customize your communication with Talk Groups

A wireless push-to-talk network, Dispatch Radio Service relies on establishing "Talk Groups"-sets of users who share a common radio channel. Each communicator can support up to 15 Talk Groups. While users can belong to more than one Talk Group, each Talk Group can include as many as 10,000 members. When establishing Talk Groups, priority levels can be predetermined in order to define who will be permitted to listen and speak during each session.

Users also have the ability to dial in to a Talk Group from the PSTN or dial out from a Talk Group to the PSTN.

The network acts much the same as a radio tower, turning the entire continent into a single cell and2013-06-28_1338 transmitting signals to and receiving signals from subscribers on the ground. The Dispatch Radio Service can also be configured to provide extra security to your subscribers.

MSAT G2 Dispatch Radio Service features and benefits:

  • Two-way group communications - one user can converse with many, improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Private Mode communications - allows a user to call another user privately; no other Talk Group members will be able to listen in.
  • One-way broadcast capability - enables one user to broadcast to many users simultaneously.
  • Priority 1 interrupt - in emergencies, a user can override other users within the same Talk Group. You can set a Talk Group to one of three different priority levels, which allows users to filter out conferences on low-priority Talk Groups unless that Talk Group is selected. High-priority Talk Group conferences are always heard no matter which Talk Group is selected.
  • MSAT Satellite Extended coverage options - integrating the service with existing trunked radio systems extends coverage.

Dispatch Radio Service can help people in numerous industries and occupations do their jobs more effectively:

  • Transportation
  • Mining and construction
  • Oil and gas
  • Forestry
  • Electrical utilities
  • Public safety
  • Military
  • Law enforcement
  • Offroad Racing


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