Transform your smart phone and tablets into a satellite phone with Iridium Go

Iridium Go

How to Transform Your iPhone and Android into a Satellite Phone

Now You Can Stay Connected to the Most Important People in Your Life When Nothing Else Works. Introducing the 
Iridium Go Portable Satellite Hotspot

The Iridium GO is unlike anything that's been available before in portable satellite data and voice technology.

This compact, rugged and portable Wifi device provides satellite voice and data connectivity for smartphones and tablets.

This means that if you are in a remote location where cell phones and internet won't work, you can now use your iOS and Android devices to send/receive emails, transfer photos, send text messages and make and receive calls from any location on earth. 

 Wifi via Satellite - No Matter Where You are on the Planet

- Make Satellite Calls from Your Smart Phone No Matter Where You Are

- Email and Text in the Middle of Nowhere

- Fits in Your Pocket

- It's Like Having Your Own Global Cell Tower

Simply flip up the antenna and the battery-powered unit connectsIridium Go transforms your smart phone into a satellite phone quickly and automatically to the Iridium satellite network to create an anywhere Wi-Fi connection within approximately a 100ft radius.

You can take Iridium Go! everywhere.  It's small and portable enough to fit in your pocket and, like other Iridium products, durable enough to withstand harsh environments. Iridium GO can be carried and easily stowed in your backpack, or mounted in vehicles, aircraft, and boats for on the go applications.

Attention from ISS Tech Support from initial Beta Test:

"Iridium GO!'s best features are it's weight and size and the ability to make phone calls and send text messges via satellite, anywhere, using your existing smartphone.  Email and sending files are also possible, however, the Iridium Go is not a web-browsing device.  Data speeds are @ 2.4Kbps


Check out the Iridium Go in Action

Send a Message to an Iridium Satellite Phone

Send a Message to an Iridium Satellite Phone

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