Satellite M2M Services

Monitor and manage your assets anywhere in the world 

For companies operating in remote, unmanned locations, two-way machine to machine communications that provide complete visibility and control of critical asset and equipment data are becoming increasingly important.

Do your assets require around the clock monitoring and management of data in real time to keep your operations running smoothly?

Satellite_M2MSatellite Machine to Machine (M2M) services are expanding rapidly worldwide, driven by the need for efficient monitoring, control and data acquisition across industries of all kinds. Many M2M services rely on GSM networks, but this can be limited - especially in remote or hard-to-reach areas.

BGAN M2M supports real time, always-on, end-to-end TCP / IP or UDP / IP communication with send / receive data rates of up to 464kbps.

Our M2M portfolio supports real-time data through a range of compact and robust satellite terminals including the Hughes 9201, Hughes BGAN 9502 and iSatData Pro (static and mobile) that are equally suitable to temporary or permanent installations, offering a range of data rates, from store-and-forward to real-time seamless IP connectivity. 

What are the Benefits for YOU?

*Service as low as $35 per month

*24/7 Access to your remote equipment

*Always on connectivity 

*User friendly installation, robust and power-efficient terminals

*Draws only 4 watts of power for an always open TCP-IP connection

*99.9% network availability

What We Bring to the Table

Anyone can sell a modem with monthly service. It's important to understand what separates one M2M solutions provider from another. In one word, it's all about the "Interface"  Best way to explain is with a story.

Several years ago one of our customers came to us with a problem they needed helpCurragh_Dragline_3 with. Their issue was that they had very large and expensive earth shovels located in remote mining pits in South Africa and no way to send critical diagnostic data from the shovels back to their headquarters in the US. Our customer was spending thousands of dollars sending field technicians to these far away locations every time a problem occurred on the equipment.

This diagnostic data is important because it can reveal potential issues on the shovel and if not discovered early enough, could shut down production and cost thousands of dollars every hour the equipment isn't operating.

With access to real time data through the M2M terminal and our proprietary interface, our customer could now monitor and manage every byte of data flowing from their equipment and if any issues came up, they were immediately notified from the interface by an email and text alert. An expensive problem solved.

Our M2M solutions replace the human being in the field with remote automation.

This sophisticated web based interface is called Remote-Terminal Manager and it Remote Terminal Managerenables the end user of a company to remotely access the unmanned M2M equipment in the field in real time. This platform allows an end user to activate an IP session, close down/disconnect an IP session, provide identifying information which terminals are online/offline, provide detailed information on signal strength and in which Inmarsat’s spotbeam the M2M equipment is located. This information is extremely valuable in troubleshooting a remote issue.

The Remote Terminal Manager also provides the latest position report for an individual site or all sites combined on one map/screen. This interface can automatically provide alerts when a terminal is used outside of its intended area, as well as automatically shut the terminal down until the issue is investigated further.

Watch M2M via Satellite in Action



Network Specs
*Upload (Transmit) Max Speed 448 Kbps - Class 2 BGAN
*Download (Receive) Max Speed 464 Kbps - Class 2 BGAN
*Supported Countries All countries except India, Iran, North Korea
*DHCP Supported - From 1 to 255 connected devices
*NAT & Relay Mode Supported
*Firewall At Teleport - Whitelist and Blacklist supported free 
*MAC Address Filtering Supported
*Satellite Transmit Frequency 1626.5–1675 MHz (L band)
*Satellite Receive Frequency 1518–1559 MHz (L band)
*SMS Remote Management Supported - Wide Beam backup connectivity
*GPS Frequency 1574.42–1576.42 MHz
*Firmware Upgrades Over the air or local - No Cost

Physical Specs
*IDU Weight < 1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs)
*IDU Dimensions 150 mm x 200 mm x 45 mm (5.9" x 7.88" x 1.77") - Detailed Specs PDF
*ODU Weight < 1.9 Kg (4.2 lbs) excludes mount and cable
*ODU Dimensions 385 mm x 385 mm x 33 mm (15.16" x 15.16" x 1.3" inch)
*Antenna Securing (customized bracket) 4 bolts - 70mm W x 90mm H (On Center) - Custom Bracket 
*RF Cable Length 10 meters - Type N Male connectors at both ends
*Installation Requirements Can be installed by anyone. No certification required.

*Data Connection Ethernet RJ-45
*Alternate PC Connection USB Type B
*Other Data RS-232 (DB9) to external NMEA 0183 based GNSS device
*IDU Antenna Connector TNC Female - (9502 includes TNC to Type N adapter)
*ODU Antenna Connector Type N Female

For more information about the Inmarsat Satellite Network check this out



 Satellite IP Solutions


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"ISS and their team of engineers are the best in the M2M business.  We are systems integrators and use the 9502's for our customers' wind farm application.  Sending data via satellite is critical to our business and we wouldn't have access to real-time data without it"   Ralph

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