Satellite Sidekick
Convert your sat phone info a Wifi Hotspot


The Satellite Sidekick Wi-Fi router connects all of your smartphones, tablets, and computers to your satellite telephone for weather, email, messaging and more. 

With the Sidekick, you can easily connect your satellite phone to any Mac, PC, smartphone, or tablet device. The Sidekick eliminates the need for troublesome USB software drivers or serial connections and comport configurations.

Sidekick is compatible with the following satcom devices:
- Iridium: 9505, 9505a, 9555 and 9575 and Iridium OpenPort
- Inmarsat: IsatPhone 2, Fleet Broadband.      
- Globalstar: 1600, 1700
- MSAT G2 Satellite Push to Talk Radio    Satellite_Sidekick-1.png

How can the Satellite Sidekick benefit me?

- It allows me to connect to smartphones, tablets and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices to satellite phones that do not have built-in Wi-Fi

- Eliminates running cables and installing drivers on PC’s and Mac’s. Although these devices do generally have USB and some still even serial ports, not having to put yourself through the painstaking process of driver install and not being tethered to one location to use a satcom device is a real bonus.

-The Sidekick also prevents your satellite connections from being bogged down by software on your computer which is not satellite compatible. When connecting with a standard cabled approach, these applications see the connection you are establishing to your satellite phone as just another network connection. Then they do what they are designed to do. That is, use that connection to try to update or otherwise pass information through a very tight or expensive bandwidth pipe.

Although these programs never succeed in these attempts, they substantially slow down your connection and make all the work you are really trying to get done through your satellite phone that much slower. Slower means more minutes used to complete a given task. More minutes consumed means a higher satellite bill. So for this reason alone, your money spent on the integration of the Sidekick into your legacy satellite system is well spent indeed.